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The funeral home director on Bojack Horseman is a maggot.

unable to can.

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the whole living alone in a place where I know no one was cute for the first two weeks.

now, I’m sipping Sutter Home and tumbling and reading like the reformed thot that the Lord made me. 

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Africa’s future seems to be in stylish and vibrant hands…

A round up of portraits I took at Chalewote 2014 Street Arts Festival in Jamestown Accra, Ghana.

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You can share deep passion with somebody for so long and it could be one random morning they wake up and decide to pick up and leave out of your life forever and that is what makes love terrifying.

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The rage of the oppressed is never the same as the rage of the privileged.

— bell hooks (via beanrot)

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I’ve decided that I’m going to focus my research for my Master’s on West Indian migration to the United States and Central America (maybe England).

because I’m a narcissist. 

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Guys with penises curved upward should never be ashamed because they were literally designed to hit the spot.

he’s still my favorite boyfriend to this day… *sighs. nostaliga. 

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